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Personal Growth and Spiritual Maturity

Holding Hands

Receive wisdom and insight as you engage these special recordings of extraordinary people who teach from real experiences with God. Real answers, for real life, in real time.

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Amethyst Roberson, MA, LPC, NCC, CMLC

Fruitful Life Instructor

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Courageous Conversations 2022

A Panel Discussion

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Guest Instructor


Guest Instructor

Fight for the Family

The Late, Bishop Paul T. Veney, Sr. brought forth a powerful message of confirmation and encouragement to the leaders of the Fruitful Life Learning Community.

Establishing an Effective Fighting Force

Teaching from Nehemiah 4, the Late, Bishop Paul T. Veney, Sr. imparted words of wisdom, encouragement and instruction for developing an effective team.


John and Kerry Shuey

Guest Instructor

Prayer in the Urban Setting

John Shuey shares a special word about developing a prayer ministry in the urban community.

Prayer in the Urban Setting (Part 2)

Knowing God: His Presence


Training in Spiritual Warfare

It all began with a simple request during a teaching session:

Please clarify the difference between afflictions and warfare.


Faith and Family

Family Impact Moments

The faith and family coaching sessions do not avoid the controversial topics and difficult issues about life, relationships, the Bible and God.

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When Promises and Prophecy Don't Seem to Come True

Coaches Chris and Carol Green teach why it is necessary to discern the voice and will of God by exploring various reasons certain desires and prayers are not answered, some promises don't manifest, and many personal prophecies don't appear to come to pass.

Digital Nomad

Overcoming the Test and Trials Through the Wilderness

Coach Chris Green challenges errant doctrines and familiar catch phrases as he teaches about the Wilderness Journey, providing insight and wisdom for the testing points and temptations we face in our Transition to Promise.

Holiday Celebrations

Understanding the Controvery Surrounding Christmas and Easter

Coach Chris Green brings insight to the myths and pagan practices surrounding two of the most familiar traditions in the Christian faith.

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Videos, Books and Other Resources

Families are in crisis: Teen suicides, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, family secrets, financial pressure, and a host of other enemies are pouring in, but you can be the leader who strengthens your household in these perilous times.


Breaking the Silence and Stigma on Mental Health Struggles

*Four sessions from professionals who bring insight and wisdom to your family on the topics: Understanding Mental Illness, Managing Stress and Anxiety, Overcoming Depression, and Understanding Grief & Loss.


Understanding Your True WOW Factor

Carol Green, established WOW (Woman of Worth) to help women realize their true value

through a coaching series called Understanding Your True WOW Factor. 


As a spiritually empowered woman, wife and mother, Carol provides practical insight and information for women to see how their emotional, mental and spiritual state can affect their physical and relational well-being.

Adjustments on the Vine

Woman of Worth


Protect and preserve the Kingdom sacred traditions and legacy of our families and cultures.

Today, I call upon men to stand up and defend your family in the most fundamental way; by being honorable as men, husbands and fathers. Learn what it means to love and cherish your wife. Learn the most effective ways to build a legacy that will benefit both your daughters and your sons. Most of all, let's learn how to honor one another as brothers.

What's in a Name?


The Honor Role Movement HERE

Building a Culture of Honor

Bride and Groom

Don't lose your marriage and family on your road to success!

The front line of the battle is the home of the servant-leader. Get fortified and strengthened to lead your family to victory in everyday life.

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