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Recommended Course

This material is from Howard Hendricks, who taught for 52 years at Dallas Theological Seminary. The Seven Laws of the Teacher will help pastors, teachers, parents, or small groups, become more effective in their teaching role. This information will renew your thinking about teaching and unleash your effectiveness as a communicator of biblical truth.


Recommended Book

Fight for Your Family is a powerful compilation of family-fortifying proclamations and declarations that were released in weekly prayer gatherings. You will be encouraged, inspired and enlightened by these timely family-focused prayer strategies. As you read, you will be empowered to stand in the gap for your household. You will put on your spiritual armor and prepare to fight. You will pick up your tools of wisdom and begin to rebuild.

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Recommended Book

In a strategic response to the generational crisis of fatherless and broken homes, Chris Green, writes to his sons from the front lines of the battle to rebuild, restore and renew the role of honor for men.


Recommended e-Books

Fruitful Life Literature to Rebuild, Restore and Renew Hearts and Homes



All books are published by the Fruitful Life Network using


Dr. DeVata Davis

Scenes from the Life of the Redeemed is filled with stories that will warm your heart, stir your faith, and gently enlighten you with an awareness of God's divine sovereign involvement in your everyday life. 


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 2 provides fresh insight into the spiritual nature of sexual intimacy. The author sets forth the spiritual significance of the sexual covenants we enter and the impact they may have upon future generations. This resource provides prophetic insights and strategies to address the growing sexuality crisis that cultures are facing worldwide.


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 5 builds upon the primary thesis of the Biblical Sexuality Series; “Sex is a spiritual act that is governed by spiritual laws. When spiritual laws are violated, spiritual penalties result.” This volume addresses the spiritual and emotional penalties of sexual sin. It highlights the origin and nature of Ungodly Soul Ties (UGSTs) and the impact they have upon those who have been sexually ensnared.


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 8: Traditional marriage is under attack by political forces seeking to redefine it. Individual marriages are under attack by spiritual forces seeking to weaken them by destroying the foundation upon which they were established. Marriage redefined distorts our view of who God is and weak marriages lack the intimacy needed to thrive.


Family & Community

My Hope America
Learn how to host a MY HOPE showing in your home, school, community center, business, or church.


Recommended Course

Caring for People God’s Way will help equip you to respond to the growing needs and provide competent and compassionate care to those who are hurting. This course is a distance learning, video-based training program tailored just for you. It is biblically-based and features some of the best faculty in the world.

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Recommended Book

Transition and change are usually very difficult and often painful. Many people have made their worst decisions during moments they were in a crisis. Chris Green presents eight nuggets of wisdom to help guide you successfully through the labyrinth of disappointment, doubt, discouragement, detours and distraction.

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Recommended Book

Chris and Carol Green offer wisdom from their 40-year journey, providing hope, faith, understanding and insight on how to be fruitful in the four seasons of life.


Mark & Dr. Dawn Lawrence

Written with passion, honesty, and a real desire to see both parents and special needs individuals served with excellence; the Lawrences hope this book will encourage, support,and empower you to think creatively, serve faithfully, and recognize the greatness in each person no matter what the circumstances may be.


Sheila L. Clarke

This is a love story between a man, a woman, and their God that will take you on a relationship journey that will seem personal, relatable, and tangible. You will be taken from beginning struggles to ending victories. Not for the purpose of just enjoying a great read, but you will also be given scripturally-based, life-applicable principles that (if applied) can bring anyone to a place of healing in their broken relationships


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 3: This culture has little or no awareness of the true spiritual nature of human sexuality. Today’s sex saturated media only focuses on the physical dimension of the sex act. Failure to understand the true spiritual nature of sex has led to many tragedies. Volume 3 discusses some of the basic spiritual laws and principles that govern human sexuality.


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 6: The Samson and Delilah affair offers an extraordinary opportunity to study how ungodly soul ties negatively impact the behavior, the emotions, and the decision making capacity of those who have become sexually ensnared. Many emotional and or psychological problems have a spiritual origin. These problems are often rooted in ungodly soul ties.


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 9 explores the Sexual System God established to ensure Human Sexuality would function according to design.  The growing sexual chaos, dysfunctionality, and gender confusion plaguing our society is proof there is a lack of understanding of how God’s Sexual System works. God’s Sexual System will allow us to experience the blessings of sexual intimacy.


T.D. Jakes and Steve Furtick

Bishop T.D. Jakes and Pastor Steven have an inspiring conversation about entrepreneurship and leadership.


Learn how to build your vision from the ground up by making the most of your God-given opportunities.


Recommended Course

Basic Christian Beliefs Explained
This course is an essential primer of basic Christianity and apologetics that every Believer should know. It features the acclaimed British theologian and Bible teacher, Brian Edwards.


Recommended Book

Prepare your heart and mind for life-principle coaching and guidance because this was written to help the individuals and couples who sincerely desire to build a legacy of love, in spite of family histories riddled with desertions, divorce and disappointment. Through their raw stories, memories, reflections and anecdotes, you will relive their journey, gleaning answers, wisdom and understanding for your own marriage and family relationships.

Renewing Hearts and Homes Front

Recommended Book

Chris and Carol Green present prayerful strategies and practical steps to rebuild, restore and renew our hearts and homes in spite of the challenges of these evil and perilous times.

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Amethyst Roberson, LPC, NCC

We believe that healing occurs via mind, body, and spirit. We seek to incorporate principles with psychological theory to help bring healing to the clients we serve.


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 1 introduces some of the spiritual laws governing human sexuality. This groundbreaking book establishes the idea that sex is more than a physical act and sexual intimacy impacts our spirit, soul, and body. This Volume introduces the reader to the Law of Cleaving, the Law of Union, Soul Ties, and the Law of Yielding and Bondage.


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 4 examines the Sexual Revolution which caused a major shift in the sexual morality in the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This fresh and unique historical perspective will inform and prepare the reader for future sexual trends and presents a sexual perspective that is rooted in Biblical morality.


Recommended Book Series

Biblical Sexuality Volume 7: The author expands our understanding of the Biblical standard for human sexuality by exploring the origins of some of the spiritual traumas inflicted upon those who violate the spiritual laws governing human sexuality. Discover why what you do not see can wound and devastate you and your children.


Family & Community

Fruitful Life Home Church Connections
The  Fruitful Life House Church Connection provides an alternative way for people, who are seeking God, to connect in smaller groups and environments, similar to those which constituted all of the churches of the New Testament era. Our attendees have called this Connection an oasis and a safe haven that has given them healing, encouragement, and practical wisdom & insight for real life.

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