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The STEP Forward Life Institute™

For Your
Success Through Experience and Process


Welcome to Fruitful Life Education....
You can become the change that you want to see,
and a kind and caring light this world so desperately needs.


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Praying Together

Become who God always meant for you to Be

God is your source. Experience is your study.
Faith is your evidence. Success is your credential.

STEP Forward with Fruitful Life Education and
Community Service Training

The STEP Forward Prospectus


"Our students simply wanted to strengthen their faith, minister to their families,

or serve in their communities. They wanted to be equipped to actually do what the Bible said; to be able to do the works of service and ministry beyond the local church building. They desired a different kind of education."

---Chris and Carol Green (Founders)


The STEP Forward Life Institute™ is our online Fruitful Life education and community service preparatory platform. We provide practical instruction that empowers you to add to your faith, embrace your unique process of success, and make certain you're prepared for those once in a lifetime opportunities to minister to your family and serve in your community. 

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