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Affiliation and Approval

Affiliation Certificate

The STEP Forward Life Institute™ is an affiliate international ministry and Searcherdemic education institution of United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI). As such, its Certificate Programs have been scrutinized, authorized, approved, endorsed, and supported by UGCSI.

United Graduate College and Seminary International is a private Christian International online education Institution and ministry that was founded in 1982. UGCSI is dedicated to equipping and empowering people with ministerial  credentials by honoring and elevating those who, through life experience, proven evidence-based success, and authorship, are considered deserving of being recognized in a scholarly way.


UGCSI confers various non-traditional Christian ministry certificates and competency-based life achievement degrees  including, but not limited to, Pastoral Ministry, Ambassadorship Diplomacy, Christian Leadership, Biblical Counseling, and Innovative Coaching.


UGCSI also promotes a Culture of Honor through the issuing of Honorary Doctorate Degrees based on a candidate's  ministry, professional and life experience, as well as their innovative skills, significant contributions to a given field, and the demonstration of a successful, practical and workable philosophy.  This life achievement award is bestowed upon highly esteemed individuals who have devoted their life’s work to the betterment of humanity. 

UGCSI is a fully accredited member of the Accrediting Association of Bible Schools and Theological Institutions, Inc., an Illinois, USA Corporation; and The Worldwide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (WWAC), an independent international Christian education organization that accredits over 200 schools globally. WWAC was established as a “Multi-National Association of Christian Education Institutions” and is fully endorsed by the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc. 

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