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This Is Our "Why"

Our Original Mission, Deployments and Assignments
We were deployed with a mission. We have been operating in that assignment since our launch in September of 2004.


God's mandate to us was that we exist to:

  1. make room for the lost, outcast and forgotten 

  2. establish followers of the life and mission of Jesus Christ

  3. instill prayer, praise and worship as a lifestyle

  4. release Godly hope and Biblical faith by teaching the principles of the Kingdom of God

  5. restore apostolic order and the prophetic voice

  6. provide an oasis of loving fellowship, friendship and faith 

  7. restore the meaning and value of covenant relationships

  8. bridge the gaps between generations, gender and ethnic groups

  9. teach and build Believers in God's Purpose for Prosperity

  10. train and send forth Believers into marketplace ministry


"We're not here to build a big ministry. We're building people who will know God."  ---Chris and Carol Green

Over 30 Years of Prophetic History and Background


FOLLOW THE AMAZING VIDEO LOG AND JOURNEY of Chris and Carol Green who were launched forth from St. Louis, MO, USA, to South Central Pennsylvania.


You will relive and rehearse their timely re-deployments, re-assignments and new directives through the years, as God led them on a very strategic and unique path that caused them to step outside of traditional brick and mortar church facilities and connect with an entire community outside of the walls of religious traditions.


You'll see and hear how God continued to send prophetic confirmations of His promises to establish something that would bring healing to broken lives, hearts and homes.

A History of Prophetic Words



January 25, 2023 - God's Removing Restrictions and Limits (Online Gathering) 

After decades of serving within countless organizations and ministries, Chris and Carol stepped down and moved into consulting and advisory roles, and God immediately confirmed their move with these prophetic words and prayers.

September 2, 2015

After 11 years of serving in Harrisburg and a total of 38 years of preparation, God sent a prophetic recommissioning and a new assignment for Chris and Carol Green.



March 29, 2015 (Prophetic Charge - Mechanicsburg, PA) 

mp3 audio




* You think you have seen rivers of living water? You have not seen the flood that I am about to pour through you for the Kingdom of God; that I am preparing you for. Your whole life has been a preparation for what I am bringing you into, and you have been found faithful.  You have been found a servant of the Most High God; for I will flow rivers and floods and tsunamis. And everything that you can imagine, it will be beyond that, says the Lord.  


For you are my children; you are my son and my daughter of the Most High God and I will open your vision. You will see things and hear things that you thought you could never hear and see; but I am going to broaden your vision and extend your tent stakes; that they are going to be so beyond things, that you are going to say, “Only but God, only but God could do something like this!”  


And I am going to put people around you that have the vision that you have, because I am going to spread it in their minds as well. And they are going to hook hands with you and join with you all over this town and this city and this area; and you’re going to make a wall for God, a wall for God, and a high tower for the kingdom of God.

October 26, 2014
September 28, 2014
Abby Abildness

Isaiah 60:22 - A little one shall become a thousand, And a small one a strong nation.  I, the Lord, will hasten it in its time.”
*This ministry was established to reach more than Harrisburg. God is going to take you and this message to the nations.
*This ministry is like the principle of the Kingdom of God and the mustard seed. It started off very small and has been growing undetected until one day it sprouts forth and the tree grows and the branches extend.  And it will provide shelter for many. This ministry is a place of refuge and a safe haven.
*These flags on your walls represent the many nations where God is going to send you.
*God has used you and the emphasis on family to show His order and desire for families. You have been modeling it all these years. I was blessed that you were moved to tears while talking about your wife. Your sons have been with you in ministry. You have lived out God's desire and plan for families in practical everyday life.
*As I watched you on the platform with all the equipment, I saw you broadcasting. Somehow God is going to have you broadcasting.

March 25, 2012
March 25, 2012
March 27, 2011



May 20, 2007 (Prophetic Word in St. Louis, MO)

mp3 audio


Sir,  the word of the Lord comes to you today as one who stood beside, one who has looked upon, one who has stood beside and held the shield. For today, says the Lord, do I place your feet on higher ground.  For this day I have destroyed the argument of the enemy. It has been destroyed over this house and it is destroyed over your house.  


For the connection which I have brought with you and this man is a Godly one, and even so shall your fruit be great.  Therefore, man of God see the multitudes for surely I have ordained them for your place.  Make room, says the Lord, and stretch your tents, the tent pegs of your house stretch them.  Make room for mighty increase and surely that which you have prayed for, that which you have spoken to me in private, I will make available and manifest publicly.  This is the word of the Lord to you, today.  


For man of God take up the pen and prepare to write, and this is funny to me, but I’m looking at comic books. You are to make this come about; this is the Spirit of God.  I’m just exhorting you now; this is the Spirit of the Lord just to encourage you to go for it!  Don’t back out of it!


Woman of God, have I not put my word in your mouth?  Have I not stirred you?  Have I not reached into the broken places?  I have seen the pain you’ve come through, says the Lord your God.  But out of the pain I bring forth an incredible beauty.  Open your mouth says the Lord, open your mouth wide.  I promised I would fill it. Let the prophetic word come forth, says the Lord and surely, surely a crown I have fashioned for your head.



June 22, 2005 (1st Prophetic Word in Harrisburg, PA)

mp3 audio


"I know you’re not after a big ministry. You’re after a grass roots thing, but because your hearts have been right, the Lord’s going to put a ministry into your hands like you’ve never seen before.  It’s going to be a…I don’t want to say one of these mega things or whatever, but God’s going to put a ministry into your hands and it’s going to be some kind of a huge thing here in Harrisburg.  


I don’t understand it all, but I just know your hearts are right. God’s going to put a ministry into your hands that’s going to be explosive here in the Harrisburg area.  


Father,  I ask that You would just use them in a powerful way.  You’ll use them in such a powerful way that thousands will come to know Jesus.  Thousands Father; thousands and thousands and thousands will come to know Jesus through this ministry.  


Bless them with everything they need to fulfill the destiny of God in Harrisburg."


May 30, 2004


A COMMISSIONING CEREMONY was held on May 30, 2004, to release Chris and Carol Green from their home church and send them out to start the Fruitful Life ministry in Harrisburg, PA.
Their home church (
Metro Christian Worship of St. Louis, Missouri) believes in the ministry of presbytery where hands are laid upon individuals and prophetic words are spoken to confirm the calling upon the lives of those being sent out into new levels of ministry and responsibility.
The INSTALLATION CEREMONY was held on September 25, 2005 to establish Chris and Carol Green in the Harrisburg, PA community. Several leaders and pastors, from the region, gathered with Bishop Raphael Green to confirm, bless, exhort, encourage, and give words of knowledge, wisdom and prophecy over them.

The word of the Lord came and said O’ man of God I am sending you because you have gone through the stages of sprouting, budding, blossoming and fruit bearing. For I am sending you to a people who have known the bitterness of the law, the legalistic attributes of the law, but they have never tasted of the sweet almond of the Spirit of Truth; And where there have been countless others who have come before, and have tried to navigate the word, I am sending you because you know what it is to live in bitterness and to wait for the promise of the sweet life in Christ.
I raise you up O’ man of God as a prophet to this era, that you would bring healing indeed to those who are broken and bereft of hope. For I will, indeed, speak to the generations in their various shades of development. To the younger ones who are merely sprouting, looking for hope; to the older ones who have only known the legalistic, ritualistic practices of the law; to those who have desired to bloom and yet have been squelched by a religious order that is not of me; and even to those who are in their fruit bearing years, I am sending you. For I have the precious seed of my word of an almond deep within your being. The bitterness of the hull shall be stripped away by the fire that is within your mouth saith the Lord. And even with that fire there will be a gentleness, for there is much need of healing, much need of recovery, much need of dealing with the past with this people I am sending you to.
And O’ woman of God I am sending you and raising you up in this hour with a word of counsel. For indeed this shall be a season that you will blossom and bloom. It will be a season where you will spill forth counsel, unpremeditated counsel.  For the word of the Lord shall spill through your lips like rain; Like dew drops upon a parched barren land are some of souls of the people that I am sending you through. But you will speak the word of the Lord and in an instant you will see vegetation sprout forth, in the name of Jesus.  
And O’ woman of God we break off from you now, timidity and fear and all the perfectionism that has held the deep deposit of God within you captive. This hour you are released, released, released, that the vintage wine of God will flow and that many will know I am in this place indeed.
Even as Jeremiah, God asked Jeremiah the prophet, “What do you see?”  
I say, I see a branch in bloom and it is blooming in winter and some of the fruit that will mature will be: 
“People that are in the winters of their life.
The broken, the hopeless, and the lost will hear.
The discouraged and the homeless will come.
In the winter of their lives I will move upon their souls.
I will mend and make completely whole.
O’ spring O’ well of counsel within your servants tonight.
Chase away all grief, all sorrow, and all fright.
I am sending you in full bloom and fruit that’s certainly sure.
I am alert. I am active to perform My Word.
I am sending you in full bloom, sending you for sure.
I am active and alert to perform My Word.” 
-Minister Melissa Clayton, May 30, 2004 Commissioning Service

“God says He has already provided for you. He has people and connections and provision already prepared for you.
You will set goals that you are going to do things in a year or so, but God says it will be sooner than that. God has done us that way and I just sense the same thing for you. We planned to do things or move in a year or six months, but God would always do it sooner and quicker than we planned.”
God says there is already provision. People just sent us money and resources. People we didn’t even know and God just provided for us. God says He already has provision for you.
God says He’s going to honor you for your faithfulness to Him and to your brother. Many years of sowing, God is going to multiply back to you. The heavens are opened over you. 
You will build with great order. Like an architect you will build with blue print, designs and structure right from day one. 
Pastor Carol, God says there are gifts inside of you that have not yet been tapped. They will come forth when you get to Harrisburg. Your family will not know who you are, but God is going to use you.”
– Pastor Michelle Forde, Reformation Life Centre, Trinidad,  Saturday, April 26, 2003.
“While we we’re praying for you (both) I saw a tree and its roots were very, very deep. The tree was strong and immoveable. The significant thing about the tree was that the leaves were bright and the fruit on the tree was very large. And the fruit was very bright and was shining with the glory of God.”

– Ronald Greene, Reformation Life Centre, Tunapuna, Trinidad, Saturday, April 26, 2003
God has a computer file with the name of your ministry. If He pulls up the name of your ministry, there is a list
of names of every person who is supposed to be a part of that ministry beginning with your core leadership team. 
Whoever is supposed to be with you, they will be with you. God is already working in the hearts of those who are supposed to be with you. Don’t stop them from coming with you. God will test their hearts and they will go through
many trials just because of their joining, but God is testing their hearts because of the word. That’s just how it is.
Do not stop them from coming because of the testing they must go through. God is testing them. 
-Pastor Glenn Forde, Saturday, April 26, 2003, Tunapuna, Trinidad (Word of Wisdom)

“Pastor Chris I saw you standing and you had on new raiment. God is going to change your raiment. Your feet were shining because you had on armor that shined with the glory of God. And I saw a street opening up before you and it
had streetlights or street lanterns on either side and they shined brightly with the glory of God. And the way was straight.

It was a straight path with no turns and curves. The street opened up and extended before you, but as you walked,
the street closed behind you. You could not go back. You could only go forward. God says you must always keep going forward. No turning to the left or the right, but you must go forward. You cannot go backward. You must go forward.
God says He’s going to provide for you. Everything is already prepared. There is already provision. You must keep moving forward. 
God is going to bring a new dimension of closeness in your marriage. You will be ministering in two different parts of the world and you will be so close that you will just know what’s going on with the other one. 
God is going to use your sons. They will carry on the legacy. They will be a source of encouragement to their cousins and your families.” - Ronald Greene, Reformation Life Centre, Sunday, April 27, 2003
“God is telling me to tell you, again, that He has already provided for you. There is already provision for you. There are people and resources that He already has prepared for you. Again He is telling me to tell you that it will be sooner than you expect."
-Pastor Michelle Forde, Reformation Life Centre, Tunapuna, Trinidad, Sunday, April 27, 2003

The original commissioning word released publicly about Chris and Carol Green was:
May 26, 1991 (1st Prophetic Word in St. Louis, MO)  mp3 audio

“...A trainer and a discipler of men! A pastor who knows every inch of the sheep-fold. When I see shepherds, I smell sheep, and this man is called a shepherd in the House of God!

And I shall put healing in your hands, I’m speaking to both of you now, not individually, but I’m speaking to you corporately; there shall be healing in your hands. I don’t see healing lines, but I see sick beds. And I see hearts that are overwhelmed by the sickness of soul; and torn and wounded lives. And I tell you that I put them upon your heart.
And I put anointing in your hands that, together, you may heal them, says the Lord. 

Yea, My son, a re-commissioning is taking place, this day, by MY Spirit. And you shall be known as a healer of broken lives!

I give you new psalms to sing. You shall sing out of the old psalms and you shall sing out of the new psalms, says the Lord. And you shall be an encourager by the psalm that I put in your heart. I don’t know if you play an instrument or not, but I’m telling you that music is in every atom of your being. And God’s going to draw that out and use that. And your voice is going to project music; not just a song, but music with the song.

Father, I bless this couple, now, in the name of Jesus. Everyone reach your hands this way. I want to see everyone.
I want you to be involved in this re-commissioning today. That they shall be healers in the House of God. And that wounded and broken lives would be drawn by the Spirit to this place…”  - spoken forth on May 26, 1991



One of the earliest prophetic words spoken over Chris Green was:

1. It is an Aaron-type (priestly service) ministry.
2. You're not in training to be a senior pastor.
3. A heart of Jonathan - in order that others may be seen.
4. You will look drab, but I call you My servant.
5. I shall not allow you to be enslaved (subdued) to any other (ministry, business, organization, or vision).
6. You will not die in the House of Saul (the old regime).
7. You will fulfill that which I have called you to do.
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