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Fruitful Life is a ministry of loving oversight and guidance for people who have no faith tradition, and for people who left traditional religious settings in search of a more intimate relationship with God. We also provide an online network of prayer-focused support for home-gathering faith communities.


We don't require membership

We know you're simply looking for relationship. That's why our ministry seems to identify best with people who seek a non-traditional faith practice. Yes, we are still a Church, but we are connecting with those who were missed, skipped over, passed over, or they simply slipped through the cracks of congregational settings.


You will be Heard, Helped and Healed.

Fruitful Life connects you with a weekly prayer group that meets online. It's a safe space where you can share your struggles with others who will listen to and pray with you. We also resources you through our online teaching platform; providing what we call LIFE EDUCATION: which is practical instruction, Biblical wisdom and spiritual insight for receiving healing within your own heart, and then the ability to share your extraordinary transformation with the rest of your family or friends.


You're not forsaking the Church Assembly by meeting online or in a smaller setting

Before there was a religion called Christianity, there was a movement known as THE WAY.  Participants gathered primarily in their homes for centuries; long before religious and governmental leaders persuaded The Church to congregate in massive buildings. Our founders, Chris and Carol Green, launched the Fruitful Life Learning Community as an intentional effort to help people of Faith and Christian leaders return to that original simple lifestyle and mission that demonstrated God's love and healing daily in hearts, homes, neighborhoods and cities.

Home Gatherings are as old as The Church.

We are patterned after the 1st-century Followers of Christ, who continued steadfast in the Apostle's teaching and fellowship, in Breaking of Bread, and in Prayers. They met privately in their homes and corporately as a community; and they took care of widows, orphans and the poor, while experiencing miraculous signs and wonders.  In its DNA, Fruitful Life carries the Ephesians 4 directive of equipping and empowering Believers to do the work of ministry and service, starting with their family and friends.

Your New Mission Statement

"They (We) will rebuild the (our) ancient ruins, restore the (our) places long devastated, and renew the (our) ruined cities (hearts and homes) that have been devastated for generations." ---Isaiah 61:4


Chris & Carol Green

Founders and Leaders

Chris and Carol Green have served in pastoral leadership in the United States (Missouri and Pennsylvania) for 30+ years, and with that priceless wealth of experience, wisdom and insight, they encourage Believers to embrace prayer-focused lives and prayer-centered lifestyles.  

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Core Values
Beliefs & Doctrine
Prophetic Call

Chris and Carol Green were officially released into their God-ordained purpose in July of 2004, through the apostolic oversight of Bishop, Dr. Raphael Green (D.Ed.Min.) and Pastor Brenda Green who pioneered a strategic, relevant, transformational church (Metro Christian Worship Center) and community outreach (Metro Associates, Inc.) in St. Louis, MO.

Long before their city came onto the international scene due to the events in Ferguson, this man and woman were working in the trenches and making a powerful impact  in inner city neighborhoods and communities; and have done so for more than 40 years.


Always operating under the radar and out of the spotlight, they have been true models of what it takes to invest in lives in the urban world.

Part of their urban world mandate is to train and establish competent, creative, compassionate and committed men and women in urban centers across the U.S. and the world.

Dr. Raphael  and Pastor Brenda Green
Urban Pastors & Leaders Alliance