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Community of Seekers

Prayer Group

We are a community of seekers. 

We are people of Hope and Faith who are in pursuit of God and His Heart for mankind.

He promises: "You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart." ---Jeremiah 29:13 NKJV

Since our original opening as a local church in 2004, we have been praying with, teaching, coaching, and encouraging wounded and hurting people who needed a loving and nurturing environment in which to learn about and experience God, His love, His purpose and His Kingdom.


Today, Fruitful Life encourages Seekers to gather in their homes, businesses, recreation spots, or wherever they can, for prayer, worship and Biblical impartation each week with their own families and friends. We can resource, equip and empower each Community of Seekers, giving participants access and opportunity to experience healing for their own hearts and homes, and then the training and opportunity to share their extraordinary transformation with their families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. 


Fruitful Life is patterned after the 1st-century Followers of Christ, who continued steadfast in apostolic teaching and fellowship, in the Breaking of Bread, and in Prayers. They met privately in their homes and corporately as a community on a regular basis; and they took care of their widows and orphans, while experiencing miraculous signs and wonders.

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