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Midweek Connections

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Wednesdays at 7:00PM (Eastern Time, USA)


The Prayer Watch - When this ministry began in 2004, God gave us a list of matters for which we were to intercede. We continue with that manadate and invite you to this time of corporate intercessory prayer.


The Spritual Wellness Support Group is part of our overall commitment to provide a safe space for people like you, who are facing battles and struggles in mental, emotional, physical, financial, occupational, or relationship challenges; or simply working through life's many setbacks and side tracks. You can come alongside with others who will listen, offer support, and pray with you.​


The STEP Forward Life Institute (Live) is our monthly virtual class. We provide practical teaching that empowers you to add to your faith, embrace your unique process of success, and make certain you're prepared for those once in a lifetime opportunities to minister to your family and serve in your community.

Both the monthly virtual class and the online courses are designed to Biblically equip Believers to actually do what Christ taught; to be able to do the works of service and ministry beyond the local church building. 

You're welcome here.

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