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Fruitful Life Education Certificate Courses

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An Education in Fruitful Living and Community Service Preparedness

Ministry Certification Courses


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 * Access Scholarship Codes HERE


Coaching and Mentoring Courses

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       (Video-On-Demand Course, includes 1:1 Consultations with your Instructors) *

  • Listen, Lift, Launch III: Master Life Coach Training and Certification in CARE-Readiness      

        (Prerequisite Course Required: Listen, Lift, Launch II)


Servant-Leadership Master Classes

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STEP Forward Resource Library

All books and material offered are intended to enhance the spiritual wellness core of the Fruitful Life Education students within the STEP Forward Life Institute.

As a searcherdemic, life education affiliate of United Graduate College and Seminary International, STEP Forward offers accelerated, ministry-accredited certificate courses.  ​​​

​STEP Forward empowers its students to understand and navigate through the process of uncovering and thriving in their part of God's dream for humanity. 
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