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Adjunct Life Instructors
Alton and Shavaun Jackson

Alton and Shavaun Jackson, STEP Forward Life Instructors

Alton and Shavaun Jackson, STEP Forward Life Instructors
Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors

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Alton and Shavaun Jackson

Adjunct Life Instructors and Domestic Missionaries: The Givers of Hope Experience

Alton and Shavaun Jackson have been working in ministry over 25 years. They are a couple that lives and moves by Faith. They have been commissioned by God to reestablish worship in the hearts of men. They are called to give hope in spite of their own trials, but in those moments God has used them to be a conduit of hope. They are Givers of Hope!


They are currently serving as domestic missionaries with an international outreach organization known as Apartment Life.  As Apartment Life Coordinators, they provide CARE, inspiring vibrant CONNECTIONS with Christ, and they'll be helping others to answer the CALL to do the same.


They give hope and encouragement to approximately 600-plus (mostly Hindu) residents by hosting amazing events within the community and creating intentional moments for Holy Spirit-led interventions, as many are still navigating loss, loneliness, and many unbearable challenges.


The Jacksons also support the apartment owners and their staffs by increasing retention and reducing turnover.

In addition to Apartment Life, they also work with a local church, volunteering their services in
overseeing the worship and they provide training and guidance for the youth ministry in the area of worship.


They're also providing assistance with that church's outreach program and ministry known as Celebrate Recovery. This is a Christ-centered, 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurts, hang-ups, and habits of any kind.


In addition to all of that, they also facilitate a weekly online Bible study for women.

It is our honor to acknowledge and provide ordination and covering for their ministry appointment in multi-fold ministry expressions (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching), along with gifts of helps and administration that have already come forth through their lives; and provide covering for their roles, as mature ministers and leaders in the Body of Christ.


STEP Forward Resource Library

All books and material offered are intended to enhance the spiritual wellness core of the Fruitful Life Education students within the STEP Forward Life Institute™.

As a searcherdemic, life education affiliate of United Graduate College and Seminary International, STEP Forward offers accelerated, ministry-accredited certificate courses.  ​​

STEP Forward empowers its students to understand and navigate through the process of uncovering and thriving in their part of God's dream for humanity. 
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