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Success in Process


Certificate ID - SFLI 70: Success in Process

Course Description:

How do you respond when helping others is hurting you? How do you keep moving forward when your expectations are shattered? What do you do next when prayers go unanswered; or when confronted with the realization that you’re not who you always thought you were?


Fruitful Life educators, Chris and Carol Green explore these challenges and many more as they reveal what it means to BE Success in Process. Success is not only about what you will accomplish. It’s ultimately about who you will become. 

"We are not lecturing about positive thinking, mind over matter, higher consciousness or the raw pursuit of wealth, notoriety and fame. ‘Success in Process’ is the lifelong manifestation, revelation and uncovering of God’s answers, solutions, wisdom and message that He is revealing through your life."


Embrace the wisdom on how to Rest in God and get out of the grind mindset; Retreat after devastating setbacks and disappointments; Revive and Reset to come back out fighting again; and learn to be open, honest and humbled by your Comedy of Errors; the mistakes and bad decisions, upon which God extends mercy and grace, causing faults and failings to still work in your favor. 

Course Sessions ($14.99/ each session or enroll in the entire course for $100)


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All books and material offered are intended to enhance the spiritual wellness core of the Fruitful Life Education students within the STEP Forward Life Institute™.

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STEP Forward empowers its students to understand and navigate through the process of uncovering and thriving in their part of God's dream for humanity. 
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