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A Community of Students

College Friends

We are a community of students.  However, we aren't talking about Bible College or Seminary Training. We simply want to understand and apply the Bible in our every day living.

You might feel like many of us who have said:

  • " I just want to grow stronger in my Faith."


  • "I want to learn how to connect with my family members who will never attend a church."


  • "I'm searching for comprehensive training and programs that will equip me to help the under-served in my community."


  • "I need help in my marriage."

  • What's the big controvery about giving money to a local church?


  • "How do I protect my kids from what's being taught by society?"


  • "I have formal education, but I'm lost and don't know what's next for me."

  • What does it mean to be saved and filled with the Spirit?


  • "Everything is going wrong and I'm ready to quit the ministry."


  • "What do you do when your prayers aren't answered?"

"Our students simply wanted to strengthen their faith, minister to their families,

or serve in their communities. They wanted to be equipped to actually do what the Bible said; to be able to do the works of service and ministry beyond the local church building. They desired a different kind of education." 

---Chris and Carol Green


Take a Step Forward in your process to God's success through your life.

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