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Bishop Paul T. Veney Scholarship 


The Bishop Paul T. Veney Scholarship was established to honor the life and legacy of the first pastor to welcome us to this community. He and his wife poured into the lives of thousands for many years before we arrived, and then they poured into us as well. They donated their church van along with all of their ministry furniture and equipment to help us get started. He did alll that he could to set us up for a solid launch in building a ministry based upon Biblical fundamentals and foundations; similar to what he had done for decades.


He passed away in September of 2023, but we will continue to carry his name, cause and contributions to this community through scholarships that will enable Believers to still have access to solid and sound Biblical teaching, wisdom and instruction.


Before you pay for any course, click on "Got a Coupon?" in the pop-up pay menu.

Enter one of the codes (below) to apply the scholarship that is available.


Scholarship Code: VENEY100 gives you 100% off the enrollment fee for:


Course ID - LE 10-1: Flowing in All Seasons 


Course ID - LE 70-1: Add to Your Faith Foundation


Course ID - SFLI 10-2: Five Facets of Fruitful Living  


Course ID - SFLI 20-3: Personal Pursuit of God and His Purpose  


​Course ID - SFLI 30-2: Fight for Your Family  

Scholarship Code: VENEY50  gives you 50% off the enrollment fee for:


Course ID - LC 10-1a: Listen, Lift, Launch I: CARE-Readiness


Course ID - LC 10-1b: CARE-Ready in Evangelism and Discipleship


Course ID - LC 10-1c: Healing for Hearts and Homes

Certificate ID - ILLCP 90-2vod: Listen, Lift, Launch II: Training and Certification in CARE-Ready Life Coaching®  

(Video-On-Demand Course) *

Certificate ID - SFLI 10: Fruitful Living Legacy 


Certificate ID - SFLI 20: Kingdom Foundations 


​Certificate ID - SFLI 30: Servant-Leadership in Family and Community 


​Certificate ID - SFLI 50: Marriage and Family Life   


​​Certificate ID - SFLI 70: Success in Process 


Certificate ID - LE 50-1: Marriage Enrichment and Resiliency 

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