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Scholarships and Discounts

Class Schedule


Before you pay for any course, click on "Got a Coupon?" in the pop-up pay menu.

Enter one of the codes (below) to apply the scholarship/ discount that is available.

Discount Code: STEP50  gives you 50% off the enrollment fee for:


Certificate ID - SFLI 10: Fruitful Living Legacy *


Certificate ID - SFLI 20: Kingdom Foundations *​


​Certificate ID - SFLI 30: Servant-Leadership in Family and Community *


​Certificate ID - SFLI 50: Marriage and Family Life *  


​Certificate ID - SFLI 70: Success in Process *

Certificate ID - LE 50-1: Marriage Enrichment and Resiliency *


Discount Code: STEP100 gives you 100% off the enrollment fee for:


Course ID - LE 10-1: Flowing in All Seasons  *


Course ID - SFLI 10-2: Five Habits of Victorious Believers  *


Course ID - SFLI 20-3: Personal Pursuit of God and His Purpose  *


​Course ID - SFLI 30-2: Fight for Your Family  *


Discount Code: STEP150 gives you $150 off the enrollment fee for: 


Certificate ID - SFLI 40: Innovative Service and Marketplace Ministry*


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