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Innovative Service and Marketplace Ministry

Support Group Session

Certificate ID - SFLI 40: Innovative Service and Marketplace Ministry

Program Description:

How do you change your mindset from being some type of super hero that swoops in to rescue people, to simply listening to them and coming along side of them in their journey to Faith?

What will it take to be effective in an era of Christianity's Exile from the mainstream of society? 


Get fully engaged and become empowered to move past the typical 'deficit approaches' that fail in their attempts to 'fix' people.  Learn how to embrace  your marketplace ministry to serve and compassionately disciple people in your personal and professional communities.


  • LC 10-1a: CARE-Readiness

  • LE 10-1: Flowing in All Seasons

  • ILLCP 90-2vod: Listen, Lift, Launch: Certification and Training in CARE-Ready Life Coaching®



STEP Forward Portal Instructions

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At the top of the portal page click on "Get all for $399.00 and Sign Up." 

(If enrolled in and paid separately it would be $445.99)

Include scholarship code if available.

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STEP Forward Resource Library

All books and material offered are intended to enhance the spiritual wellness core of the Fruitful Life Education students within the STEP Forward Life Institute™.

As a searcherdemic affiliate of United Graduate College and Seminary International, STEP Forward offers accelerated, ministry-accredited certificate courses.  

​​STEP Forward empowers its students to understand and navigate through the process of uncovering and thriving in their part of God's dream for humanity. 
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