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Fruitful Living Legacy Certificate

Prayer Group

Course Code - STEP 10: Fruitful Living Legacy

Certificate Program Description:

Experience spiritual wellness teaching in simple, relevant language that unravels the confusing doctrines and beliefs that have held you in fear and bondage. Gain greater understanding and freedom with balanced insight and wisdom. These are basic, fundamental teachings that must be embraced, lived and passed on to the next generation.


This preparation includes 3 courses (and 1 recommended course) that provide foundational Biblical teachings about the Kingdom of God, investing in the work of God, and fresh insight on how to be spiritually equipped for practically living out the plan and purpose of God. 


  • STEP 10-1: Kingdom Practices and Principles

  • STEP 10-2: Five Habits of Victorious Believers

STEP Forward Portal Instructions

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At the top of the portal page click on "Get all for $50.00 and Sign Up."

Include scholarship code if available.

You'll be enrolled in the STEP Forward Life Institute.


STEP Forward Resource Library

All books and material offered are intended to enhance the spiritual wellness core of the life education students in the STEP Forward Life Institute™.

As a searcherdemic, life education affiliate of United Graduate College and Seminary International, STEP Forward offers accelerated, ministry-accredited certificate courses.  ​​

STEP Forward empowers its students to understand and navigate through the process of uncovering and thriving in their part of God's dream for humanity. 
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