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"You're Welcome Here"

Hands Up

Life is hard. Pain is real. Relationships feel fake. God seems distant.

So you were expecting more than a song and a sermon.


You've been told that if you don't go to a Church, you're going to be lost.


So you attended, and you were lost in their rituals.  


You may have been looking for a conversation, but got a dissertation.  


You were looking for the genuineness of relationship, not the religious obligations of membership.


You needed to be heard, to be helped, to be healed.

You know you need to be part of a Faith Community, but you can't deal with all of the 'extra'.


So what is someone like you to do?


Welcome to the Fruitful Life Learning Community.


We didn't leave the ministry.

We left one method.

We didn't leave the Church.

We left the building. 

We didn't abandon the congregation.

We embraced community.