First Sundays 2021

Until the Covid19 pandemic shutdown, we were meeting physically on the first Sunday of each month, as each of our individual home groups, fellowships and families gathered in one place for prayer, worship, teaching and encouragement.

We still meet on the first Sunday of each month, but now we meet online via Zoom Conferencing.


Hearts and Homes Community Gatherings (For families, spiritual support groups, house churches and ministries to unite together for Worship, Testimonials, Prayer & Fellowship)

  • Sunday, February 7 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday, March 7 @ 11:00am


  • Sunday, April 4 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday, May 2 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday, June 6 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday, July 4 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday, August 1 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday,  September 5 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday, October 3 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday, November 7 @ 11:00am

  • Sunday, December 5 @ 11:00am

  • Friday, December 31 @ 11:00pm (Year-End Celebration)


Replay archive of monthly FIRST Sunday gatherings.

1st Sundays @ 11:00am (Eastern Time Zone, USA)

Watch our monthly FIRST Sunday Live stream on our Fruitful Life Media YouTube Channel.

Every Sunday @ 11:00am (Eastern Time Zone, USA)

Watch our weekly Live stream on our Facebook page:

Replay archive of the weekly and monthly gatherings.

Recordings that span from the very first weekly gatherings in 2005, through 2011.

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