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Become a Community Care, Ready-Responder

Are You Ready?
Are you ready to help hurting hearts and homes in your community?
This is the prerequisite course to our Life Coach Certification training.  Before we start certifying life coaches,  we want to ensure that we are building and releasing healthy Helpers. 

Community Care, Ready-Responder Orientation

 Equipping You for Meaningful and Successful Urban Community Outreach


This online training was created as a direct response to the frustration of churches, pastors, charitable organizations, community groups, and well-meaning individuals who found themselves unable to break past cultural barriers when crossing the invisible lines of perception, stereotypes, offense and misunderstandings. Like most Helpers, they quickly discovered that having a similar past experience, or a testimony of overcoming obstacles was not enough to successfully connect with others. Many were simply unaware of, or they underestimated, the diversity and challenges of the inner city. 

This online course walks Helpers through a course of self-discovery and inner preparation. It also dispels the myths, fears, mystery, anxiety and apprehension often associated with one's desire to work with people outside of one's own comfort zone, background, ethnicity and culture. This course can transform your staff and volunteers into confident, compassionate and creative Community Care Ready-Responders!

Access Online Course HERE

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