Introduction to C.A.R.E.

Ministry Retooling for Faith Based Organizations


Since 2016, Professors Chris and Carol Green have successfully taken their ministry of CARE from a Biblical training for their leaders and church members, to a powerful and life-impacting coaching business in under-served and diverse communities. 

Chris and Carol have trained CARE-Responders and certified Life CARE Coaches in their local community and across the U.S.


NOW, they offer that training in a unique way that enhances the work of churches, faith-based community outreach organizations, pastors, religious leaders and their teams. 

Compassionate Awareness with Respect and Empathy

Welcome to the CARE Ministry Training Program™


We are very excited that you have decided to take this first step to enhance your ability to effectively respond to the divine calling to disciple the nations.  Please note that this training is a faith-based course in its content and emphasis. We believe that you are going to add great value to your community and we look forward to being part of your journey. 

This ministry training will:

  • Set a Biblical foundation for the CARE community ministry

  • Provide ice-breakers to open dialogue with people

  • Provide essential tracking and strategic outreach tools

  • Provide techniques to navigate various personality types and mindsets

  • Equip you to help people identify and overcome ungodly thinking

  • Provide tools to help people develop a daily prayer-proclamation plan

  • Present best practices for establishing a healthy, holistic life plan

Enrollment and Registration Coming Soon

Recommendations and Requirements

Please review the following:

We are dedicated to your success and want to assure that you are prepared in every way for your online learning experience.

However, please know that since this is a distance-learning certification (Zoom Conferencing), we are not in control of your internet service. Matters of bandwidth, internet speed and power outages are issues that are managed by your local internet service. .

In order to successfully navigate and complete this course, there are some hardware and system requirements that will be necessary for you to meet: 


  • You must have a computer, tablet or device that gives you the ability to print documents.

  • This course does not work well with phones.

  • You must be able to open, download and print PDF files and Word Documents.

  • You must be able to view Vimeo or YouTube video files.

You will be able to print your official certificate of completion at the end of the course.

We are very excited for you as you work to obtain a CARE Ministry Certificate!

All the best to you!